Inflexible Working

Most articles about flexible working follow familiar templates. Either there has been a new survey that shows how most employees value flexible working above almost anything else. Or, there has been a piece of research that confirms that flexible working benefits employers....

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Jacky Crisp Joins Healy Hunt

Jacky Crisp has joined Healy Hunt as a Director. She has over 25 years of experience within Banking and Professional Services gained at top-tier institutions. Jacky joins the Healy Hunt team to help us develop and deepen our relationships across the Financial Services sector....

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Specialist Mortgages: Recruitment Trends

The Specialist Mortgage Sector is growing again. Having been decimated in 2008, this innovative area of the market has reinvented itself and has enjoyed significant growth since. Fewer jobs for life, an ageing population, new tax rules and emerging classes of income-profile present new addressable markets for specialist lenders, so growth is likely to continue....

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Healy Hunt Adopts Candidate Journey Metrics

Large firms spend fortunes on their candidate journeys. Healy Hunt now supports its clients by collecting measurable feedback from candidates. It’s early days yet but the data is very healthy so far with all candidates rating Healy Hunt as either above average or well above average compared to other recruitment companies....

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Welcome Hannah

Hannah Mayes has joined the team as an Associate, she is responsible for client and candidate relationship management as well as research.

Hannah brings several years of Financial Services recruitment experience gained across EMEA and the US. This includes exposure across Banking, Consulting and Asset & Wealth Management....

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What Brexit Exodus?

We’ve all seen the headlines but is London’s “Brexodus” really happening?

In 2017, PM Theresa May ruled out the possibility of retaining passporting rights post-Brexit. Around 5,500 firms hold a total of over 300,000 of these passports that enable them to transact business across the EU and EEA with no barriers....

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Six Month Report: Phil Bailey

We asked our Finance specialist, Philip Bailey, to talk about his experiences after six months working with Healy Hunt. Here’s what he had to say:

“Since joining Healy Hunt in January I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of new skills I have picked up just from having the autonomy to work my own way with the full backing of the business....

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6 Management Lessons from Gareth Southgate

This blog was written on the eve of England’s 2018 World Cup semi-final a month after they entered the competition with the lowest public expectations in memory. Regardless of your sporting allegiances, and opinions about what’s happened, most people can agree that Gareth Southgate has done a good job so far....

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Remember Me: Post Privacy Recruitment

“Our candidates have the right to be forgotten.” announced Natalie, our Operations Manager, as she waded through another section of the GDPR compliance process. “They have the right to have their files deleted and never be contacted again.” It got us thinking; for boutique firms like ours that provide a higher level of service, shouldn’t they have the right to be remembered?...

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INAC Global Executive Search

Cultural awareness underpins effective search 

Traditional cultural values have become enmeshed with the management clichés and corporate platitudes that are now as much a mystery to their targets as to those that deliver them.

For a topic that matters so much to all involved, how do we so frequently miscommunicate, misinterpret and misjudge cultural capabilities, aspirations and desires?...

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