Financial Services

At Healy Hunt, we understand that the Financial Services sector is in the midst of one of the most dynamic periods of change of recent times.

While regulatory issues have dominated the agenda of financial services businesses for the last decade, the implications have equally challenged business strategies, operational structures and human capital models. Moreover, a technical and customer-centric revolution has empowered challenger institutions, while prompting those better established to innovate and evolve....

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Jade Vine
FOUND: Luzon, Philippines

Professional Services

At Healy Hunt, we believe that the Professional Services sector is a bedrock of our national infrastructure, influencing lives and businesses beyond simply the services it provides.

Indeed, we rely on professionals to help us establish the infrastructures upon which we depend, in addition to protecting us against the many risks we face as part of everyday business life. Duly, the Professional Services sector has remained an integral component of the UK’s economy, contributing 15% of GDP, 14% of employment and 14% of exports in 2016....

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White Tiger
FOUND: West Bengal, India