Healy Hunt Adopts Candidate Journey Metrics

Large firms spend fortunes on their candidate journeys. Healy Hunt now supports its clients by collecting measurable feedback from candidates. It’s early days yet but the data is very healthy so far with all candidates rating Healy Hunt as either above average or well above average compared to other recruitment companies.

Candidate Journey

The candidate journey is the path a potential employee takes from knowing nothing about an employer to being hired by them and developing their career inside that organisation. The Marketing and HR departments of large firms work together to present brands that are attractive not only to customers but also to potential employees. Prestigious firms rarely struggle to attract talented individuals up to the point of interest but there is widespread evidence of things going wrong once contact is made. This is important because the impact is publicly available now; surveys and resources presented by the likes of Glassdoor and LinkedIn give ratings of how good firms are to work for and flag up issues in application and recruitment processes.


Recruitment firms play a key role in the process. For the largest firms, our critical part in the candidate journey is relatively narrow and clearly defined. For a financial services firm with a small London footprint, a consultancy like ours may take executive responsibility for the first five steps of the journey. The candidate needs attentive support and detailed information, if anything is done badly an ideal employee can be lost and the client’s reputation can be damaged. In an executive search for business leaders, every aspect of the service needs to be performed to a superlative level.


  • Having consulted with our clients, we are measuring our performance on the following criteria:
  • Candidate experience
  • Knowledge of Client
  • Knowledge of Role
  • Interview Preparation
  • Follow up
  • Performance compared to other recruitment companies
  • Likelihood of referring Healy Hunt’s services to friends or colleagues.

    So far, the results are encouraging with excellent ratings running at over 80%. Our key area for improvement is on knowledge of the role, despite 66% of respondents selecting excellent, and although this is not a terrible result, we recognise there is room for improvement. We will work with our clients to give the clearest possible information to our candidates, albeit there is an expectation for some of the most senior candidates to set their own agendas within an agreed framework and some role descriptions change based on the experience of individuals who have been identified.

A high level of expertise and service has helped Healy Hunt to flourish for almost 20 years in a fiercely competitive industry. We will roll out our satisfaction surveys for all candidates in order to monitor our performance. Our clients will be presented with evidence that their candidates value the process and that their reputations are being protected or even enhanced.