Work for a Company that Empowers You

After six successful months working with Healy Hunt, we asked our newest recruit; Associate, Hannah Mayes, to reflect on her time with the company. Here’s what she had to say:

Since joining Healy Hunt I have seen the company enter its 20th year and although recruitment has always been a challenging industry, it is clear to me why Healy Hunt has adapted so well. Strong leadership and a sense of community are essential for a well-oiled organisation to thrive. The team is known for working together towards common goals, supporting each other to overcome weaknesses and nurturing strengths which promotes a sense of camaraderie.


As with any role, you experience highs and lows, so you appreciate that great management and a motivated team make a profound difference. This is a universal theme that I have discussed with candidates time and time again. Their success, as it is for us all, is intrinsically linked to the support system and the strength of the team around them. It’s no coincidence that various studies have shown that morale makes a difference to overall company value.

“Leadership is the ability to facilitate movement in the needed direction and have people feel good about it.” – Tom Smith (Bestselling Author and Co-Founder, Partners in Leadership)

When I joined Healy Hunt, I could immediately sense how important supporting progression and development was. Each month looks different and it would be easy to set lofty targets then forget about them. Achieving a sense of fulfilment requires regular reflection, adjusting your goalposts where necessary and in turn, adjusting your strategy to reach those goals. In essence, at Healy Hunt KPIs are reverse-engineered, something which I find works incredibly well. There is also the freedom to be proactive in your own development and you are given a lot of autonomy over your day to day schedule. Healy Hunt provides its people with the time and encouragement needed to become experts in each of their (our) disciplines.

We enjoy monthly team meetings at Eight Club where the entire team from the founding partner to our newest members (me!) discuss the successes and any pain points of each business area. The meetings are very transparent and we all get our chance to take the floor on any topic, from potential new business to specific issues such as what Healy Hunt can do to directly combat the lack of background diversity –How can a recruitment consultancy achieve this you might ask? – Check out our director Jacky’s blog How to Inspire a New Dimension of Diversity. These meetings combined with our ‘open door’ policy spur everyone on the team to identify problems, create solutions and thrive, as well as keeping things fresh with new ideas.

As our founding partner Paul Hunt mentioned in our previous blog – ‘the combination of continuity, experience, expertise and new perspectives makes us vibrant and flexible’. The ability to adapt is crucial in this climate and I am excited to be a part of the team as we continue to grow.