Candidate Journey Feedback Q3 2019

the successful candidate is placed

Our candidate journey feedback analysis is well established. We have a large body of data and the results remain positive. Our Q3 2019 results are presented in the graphs below. It’s our biggest data set so far and the results are trending towards the excellent end of the classification. Our clients can remain confident that Healy Hunt will present their corporate images in the most positive way while preparing our candidates to perform to their best in the selection process. Our overall recruitment experience was rated as excellent by 97% of successful candidates who responded. The feedback process is part of our post-placement follow-up that 97% of placed candidates confirmed they had received (the feedback process does not count as follow-up in its own right).

Consultants’ knowledge of the role had reached a plateau in the previous analysis but has kicked on with a 7% increase in excellent ratings this time around. Although we would like this rating to be even better, the improvement this month reflects a clear vision from the clients we have worked with. Role descriptions can move during a recruitment process due to dynamic change within the recruiting organisation and sometimes due to the skills of candidates who are placed along the way. This is an area where we will continue to focus while maintaining the flexibility required to achieve the best results for client and candidate alike.

Our consultants’ knowledge of our clients is very strong and has edged even higher in this set of results.

As with role knowledge, interview preparation can depend on circumstances. There are core requirements that every candidate should be prepared for but personal interviewing styles can change if the nominated interviewer is replaced. Once again we have seen a significant improvement in this category.

Overall our candidates say we are doing well compared to other recruitment companies and the results have moved further above average but there is no complacency at Healy Hunt.

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