Investment & Portfolio Management

Investment and portfolio teams are the core of every Alternative Investment firm.

Alternative Investment firms compete for the very best talent both peer to peer and from within Investment Banking and Strategy Consulting. The right team culture and diversity of thought can be the difference between top decile performance and the middle of the pack. Attracting and retaining the right investment teams and building exceptional portfolio teams […]

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Global Trade and Transaction Banking

Banks, finance houses and Fintechs need strong recruitment partners as technology, COVID, climate concerns, security and politics transform global trade.

There is a range of dynamic challenges to face. Companies developing innovative solutions and operating models will have to recruit a new generation of specialists. They will need the support of dependable recruitment partners like Healy Hunt in the race to find experienced personnel and rising talent. Healy Hunt is the leading recruitment partner of […]

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White Tiger
FOUND: West Bengal, India

FinTech IT

IT has become a core differentiating function for FinTechs and older institutions.

Our scope for IT recruitment remains firmly within a FinTech context. The term “FinTech” refers either to software-driven Financial Services organisations, like the challengers and start-ups we have worked with in banking and alternative lending for many years, or, to similar departments and sub-brands within larger institutions. Software Development features heavily in this focus area: […]

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Great Grey Owl
FOUND: Oregon, USA

Financial Technology

Healy Hunt has provided different aspects of FinTech and Challenger Bank recruitment for several years. Our services now include the specialist recruitment of technologists for this sector. We are not an IT Recruiter as such, however, technology is an integral part of FinTech and has become a more prevalent aspect of senior job descriptions in […]

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Change & Transformation

Top talent is required to drive an alert and agile business which can adapt to changing environments.

As new regulations are introduced, new products developed and digital innovations created, businesses must be able to change and grow at pace. Effective teams require a blend of analytical skills, experience in driving change programmes and sharp intellect to react to the unforeseen. In recent years, a rejection of the “off-the-shelf” change programmes offered by […]

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Fennec Fox
FOUND: Sahara, Northern Niger


Financial Services firms’ compliance functions face significant challenges in the current regulatory landscape.

Regulations continue to grow in scope. The consequences for breaching them are becoming more severe and there is greater emphasis on criminal convictions. Increased scrutiny on governance and the importance of conduct due to reputational risk are central themes for our clients. There is high demand for compliance specialists capable of fostering complex relationships and […]

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Red Panda
FOUND: South Tibet


The role of Finance professionals within Financial Services has seen subtle but dramatic changes in recent years.

This has been due to market uncertainty, tightening regulation and increased interaction with other business divisions. Our clients need Finance professionals with a strong technical understanding of current and forthcoming regulations and the ability to incorporate this into their day to day responsibilities. As a result, we see Finance roles with the following: A breadth […]

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Found: Southern Cameroon


Financial Services has never attached such importance to the operational design and functionality of its businesses.

Lean structures allow swift adaptation to changing environments as competition increases from agile challenger banks and innovative FinTech start-ups. Transparent and personal communication with customers and space for digital innovation are essential. Businesses need the best talent available to inspire continuous improvement in this dynamic landscape. While flatter operational structures and greater individual accountability have […]

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Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
Found: The Seychelles

Origination & Relationship Management

Financial Services firms require top talent in Front Office roles.

It is strategically important to hire top talent across front office functions, be they client coverage originators or structured financiers. Healy Hunt have been active across these front office functions since the turn of the millennium. Our expertise spans client coverage, debt and structured finance. We have built and fostered strong relationships and a wide network of contacts and talent.

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Found: North Namibia


The profile and importance of risk professionals continue to increase.

As regulation has proliferated and strengthened across the Financial Services industry, securing the right talent from a technical and cultural perspective has become a great priority if growth is to be achieved. Healy Hunt have placed Chief Risk Officers across the Financial Services industry and supported the build out and restructuring of several teams.

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Black Crowned Crane
Found: Mali